Four New Heifers!!

Four young heifers arrived at Swallow Ridge Farm on October 23….I purchased four beautiful Angus heifers (female calves that have not given birth) from a friend in Newbury, NH. To produce enough calves to sell each year, I needed additional female calves for the future growth of our herd. These new calves come from a well managed beautiful herd of Angus. These four heifers were born this past February and March. We will plan to breed these heifers in the fall of 2018 and they will have their first calves (and then be known as cows) during the following spring of 2019. The new calves have adjusted well to Swallow Ridge Farm and are acclimating well to the other cattle as well as the farmer that were already here. We have named the heifers, Daisy, Delilah, Daphne, and Darcy. It is impossible to tell them apart and we need to check ear tags to know who we are “talking” to…As you can see from the photographs, we keep the new cattle in the small cattle barn for a few days so that all the cows can slowly get to know each other and exchange Moos!


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