Artisan Small Batch Alpine Cheese

Our cheeses are made from cow’s milk from local family owned farms here in New Hampshire. We make our cheese in a copper or stainless steel vat. Our goal is to produce some of the best cheeses in our region. Our cheese maker studied cheese making at the University of Wisconsin and for many years owned a large cheese factory in Maine. Now, here at the farm we are making small batch artisanal cheeses. Our 300 gallon copper kettle that was made in Ohio, produced cheese in a Wisconsin Swiss cheese factory and then brought to New Hampshire 30 years ago.

We built the factory at the farm last year and we have just begun to produce our cheese. Our factories is inspected and licensed as a dairy plant by the State of New Hampshire. Our cheese milk is produced on small family farms located near our factory in New Boston. Cows on these small family farms are treated with great respect and kindness to produce a quality milk for our cheeses and family income for our farmers. Dairy farm throughout New England are working extremely hard to produce quality milk. We are an artisanal cheese company making small batches of raw milk cheese here at our farm in New Boston, New Hampshire. All of our cheese is aged a minimum of 60 days. Our left over cheese whey is fed to our beef cattle that we also raise here on the farm. Our cheeses contain no antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

Swallow Ridge Sweet Swiss

Sweet Swiss or Baby Swiss is generally milder, softer and creamier than regular Swiss Cheese. Our Swallow Ridge Sweet Swiss Cheese is made from the finest milk, made in small batches, here at our farm in our small cheese factory. Our Swiss Cheese is made in an antique copper kettle. Our Swiss Cheese is aged over 120 days to bring out the full sweet, nutty flavor of this cheese. Our Swiss is a beautiful golden color with beautiful cherry sized eyes throughout the cheese.

Swallow Ridge Appenzeller

Appenzeller cheese began in two cantons in Switzerland and was first produced over 700 years ago. Our Swallow Ridge Appenzeller Cheese is made in small batches here at our farm. The cheese is made from unpasteurized cows milk with special cultures and enzymes imported from France. Appenzeller Cheese was first made in Switzerland. This cheese is made from whole, raw cow’s milk. Our Appenzeller is made in small batches in our traditional copper vat and is infused with a botanical gin. This infusion carries the alpine flavors of juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, and other spices into our cheese.

Swallow Ridge Gouda

Gouda cheese is named for the city in the Netherlands that first produced this cheese. Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses in the world. Swallow Ridge Farm Gouda cheese is also made in our copper vat following the old-world Dutch methods of making this cheese. Our Gouda Cheese is cooked with warm water, which reduces the lactose in this cheese and produces a sweet, mild, nutlike flavor. Our Gouda Cheese is a deep golden color and is packaged and preserved with a red wax coating. A very good eating and melting cheese.

Farm House Toma

Our Swallow Ridge Farm House Toma is the quintessential New England cheese. Our Swallow Ridge Farm House Toma is also made from quality New Hampshire milk produced for us on a farm in Mont Vernon, NH. Our Farm House Toma cheese is a young, sweet, cheese is an excellent cooking cheese, it melts beautifully for grilled cheese sandwiches and shreds for pizza and other cooked dishes. Our Farm House Toma is a mild to medium short aged cheese.

Your Own Private Label Signature Cheese

Always wanted to have your own private label “House” cheese to sell to your customers? Imagine a perfectly spiced cheese for your customers? Your cheese, as you and your customers want it! Swallow Ridge Farm will produce private label cheese for you and to your specifications. The minimum order is just 160 pounds.

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