New Hampshire Made

Swallow Ridge Farmhouse Cheddar

Swallow Ridge Farmhouse Cheddar

  • Medium cheddar is semi-firm, mild, slightly moist and buttery\
  • As cheddar ages to sharp and extra-sharp, it becomes nuttier, slightly tangy and more crumbly
  • Pairs well with most everything, but especially with anything apple or apple cider related

Our Medium Farm House Cheddar (aged over two months) is an excellent cooking cheese. It’s mild flavor enhances but does not overwhelm your cheese dishes. It melts beautifully for grilled cheese sandwiches, in casseroles and mac& cheese, and can be shredded for a flavorful twist on traditional pizza cheeses.

Our sharp (aged at least six months) and extra sharp Cheddar (aged nine months or longer) are perfect for snacking, enjoying with a beer or glass of wine, pairing with fruit, or as a tasty addition to your charcuterie board.