New Hampshire Made

Swallow Ridge Gruyère

Swallow Ridge Gruyère

  • Firm, yet smooth and creamy texture
  • Occasional small irregular holes in a pale yellow cheese with an edible rind
  • Exceptional melting qualities

Raclette cheese began in two cantons in Switzerland and was first produced over 700 years ago. Our Swallow Ridge Raclette Cheese is made in small batches here using raw milk and special cultures and enzymes imported from France.

Since the fat content in Raclette does not separate, this cheese has a greaseless melt, making it perfect for raclette dinners, fondue, and the many other dishes that contain melted cheese.

There are special Raclette appliances for melting the cheese to serve individually over vegetables, boiled potatoes, meats or hard breads. Raclette isn’t just a cheese, it’s an experience!