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Swallow Ridge Havarti

Swallow Ridge Havarti

  • Pale yellow in color this cheese may have tiny cracks or irregular openings, slightly akin to eyes found in a Swiss or Gouda
  • Mild, buttery, and somewhat sweet with subtle acidic flavors that age into notes of hazelnut
  • Semi-soft with a springy texture

Deliciously smooth, this Havarti is mild enough to please all palates. It’s piquant flavors blend perfectly with salads, enhance sandwiches, and pair well with fresh, sweet fruits as well as meats like ham or prosciutto. Havarti also makes a delicious fondue, a milder alternative to the bolder Swiss fondue.

Havarti originated in Denmark and is now very popular in Danish cuisine and has recently become a regular in American refrigerators. It’s a perfect cheese for melting, grilling, or as a snack by itself or on Danish (or any other ) rye bread.