About Us

Small Batch Artisan Cheese


At Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company we lovingly produce small batches of artisanal cheese. We produce cheese with quality milk from small family farms here in New Hampshire. We use old world methods to produce our fine cheese in a copper vat using the finest cultures and enzymes from around the world. All of our cheese is aged a minimum of sixty days. We make all of our cheese in ten pound wheels using special cheese forms from Holland. Our cheese factory is inspected and licensed by the State of New Hampshire. We sell our cheese through refrigerated distributors, direct with delivery by the USPS, and here at the farm.


Why are we called Swallow Ridge Farm? This farm has been here for probably almost two hundred years. In the summertime you cannot miss seeing the barn swallows swooping and darting to and from mysterious locations flying all around our farm. For the almost 200 – year history of our little homestead, the swallow keep coming back to roost and rear their swallow families in our barn. Often you might see fifty or more swallows sitting together on the roofline of the barn. The swallow come back every year and we hope that you enjoy our cheese selection and come back for more!



Our Copper Kettle holds almost 2500 pounds of milk and makes up to 250 pounds of cheese.

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