Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company

Small Batch Artisan Cheese

Our Farm

Why are we called Swallow Ridge Farm?

For almost two hundred years, the old barn on South Hill catches everyone’s eye as they round the bend heading to the top of the hill.  This farm has been here for almost two hundred years and every year, for as long as anyone can remember,  each spring the swallows return to this Civil War era barn.  They dive and  dart  in and out of the barn, flashing gold as they turn.     In the the summertime you cannot miss the barn swallows swooping across the fields.

 Here at Swallow Ridge Farm, the dark birds with the golden undersides,  roost and rear their swallow families.  By the end of the summer, you might see fifty or more swallows sitting together on the roof line of the barn.

The swallows return every year and we hope that you’ll enjoy our cheeses and  also come back for more!

Baby Swiss

Swallow Ridge Cheeses

The  Artisan cheeses crafted here at Swallow Ridge Farm are produced from raw milk collected from local area dairy farms. The milk is tested at each collection and again in our factory.

The factory is inspected regularly (both scheduled and unscheduled visits) by the state.  The cheeses are sent to bimonthly to a  food testing facility  in Massachusetts to insure its high quality.

 Peter studied cheesemaking at the University of Wisconsin and founded State of Maine Cheese Company in Maine where he produced cheese for 16 years.  His latest adventure in cheesemaking began when he founded Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company and where he has been making cheese since 2020.  Peter and Katie attend cheese conferences to keep up with the latest ideas, techniques and trends in cheesemaking.

Small Batch Artisan Cheese

We strive to produce some of the best cheeses in our region.

Custom Made

Your Own Private Label Signature Cheese

Swallow Ridge Farm will produce private label cheese for you and to your specifications. The minimum order is just 160 pounds.

The estate

Made In New Hampshire

At Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company we produce small batches of artisanal cheese. We produce cheese with quality milk from small family farms here in New Hampshire.