Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company

About Us

At Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company we produce small batches of artisanal cheese made with quality milk from small family farms here in New Hampshire.  All milk is  tested per New Hampshire Board of Health requirements and guidelines.

NH licensed cheese facility

Made from the Freshest Local Ingredients

Local, fresh, raw cow’s milk, salt, cheese cultures and enzymes from around the world are the only ingredients. No animal rennet is used.

Aged at least sixty days

Aging enhances flavor and texture.

Nothing Artificial

No artificial flavors, no animal growth hormones, and no antibiotics.

100% Whole Milk

Made with 100% whole milk from New Hampshire small family farms


We use old world methods to produce our fine cheese in copper and stainless steel vats using the finest cultures and enzymes from around the world. All of our cheese is aged a minimum of sixty days. We make our cheese in ten pound wheels using special cheese forms from Holland.


Our modern cheese factory is inspected and licensed by the State of New Hampshire.

purchase our cheeses

We sell our cheese through refrigerated distributors, direct to customers with delivery by the USPS, at various Farmer’s Markets throughout Southern New Hampshire and here at the farm. Our goal is to produce quality, alpine style, delicious cheeses that please our consumers and satisfy our trade partners.

Featured in The New Boston Beacon, July 2022