New Hampshire Made

Artisan Cheeses

Our specialty cheeses are made from cow’s milk from local family-owned farms here in southern New Hampshire. We make our cheese in a copper or stainless steel vat.

You can purchase our cheeses at Farmer’s markets throughout southern New Hampshire, on line, or at the farm.

If you are in eastern New Hampshire,  please check out Three River Farm Alliance, where you can also purchase our cheese.

Swallow Ridge Baby Swiss

Our Swallow Ridge Baby Swiss is generally milder, softer and creamier than regular Swiss, without the typical bite of many Swiss Cheeses.

Made from the finest local milk, our Baby Swiss  is produced in  small batches at our small cheese factory  here at Swallow Ridge Farm.

Swallow Ridge Raclette

Raclette cheese began in two cantons in Switzerland and was first produced over 700 years ago. Our Swallow Ridge Raclette Cheese is made in small batches here using raw  milk and special cultures and enzymes imported from France.

Since the fat content in Raclette does not separate, this cheese has a greaseless melt, making it perfect for raclette dinners, fondue, and the many other dishes that contain melted cheese.

There are special Raclette appliances for melting the cheese to serve individually over vegetables, boiled potatoes, meats or hard breads. Raclette isn’t just a cheese, it’s an experience!

Swallow Ridge Gouda

Gouda cheese is named for the city in the Netherlands that first produced this cheese. Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses in the world.

Swallow Ridge Farm Gouda cheese is  made  following the old-world Dutch methods.   Our Gouda  is cooked with warm water, which reduces the lactose in this cheese and produces a sweet, mild, nutlike flavor.

Our Gouda Cheese is a deep golden color and is packaged and preserved with a red wax coating.

Farmhouse Cheddar

Our Medium Farm House Cheddar (aged over two months)  is an excellent cooking cheese.  It’s mild flavor enhances but does not overwhelm your cheese dishes. It melts beautifully for grilled cheese sandwiches,  in casseroles and mac& cheese,  and can be shredded for a flavorful twist on traditional pizza cheeses.

Our sharp (aged at least six months) and extra sharp Cheddar (aged nine months or longer)  are perfect for snacking, enjoying with a beer or glass of wine, pairing with fruit,  or as a tasty addition  to your charcuterie board.

Farmhouse Cheddar with Jalapeno Peppers

Our farmhouse cheddar with red and green jalapeño peppers is a mildly spicy cheese with just enough zest to delight the palate. A perfect cheese to melt over nachos or use it as the cheese ingredient for a spicy twist to your next pizza or casserole.


Farmhouse Cheddar with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil

Our farmhouse cheddar with basil and sun-dried tomatoes almost tastes just like you’re having some of your favorite pizza. Spectacularly beautiful cheese with the bright red sun-dried tomatoes and the green leaves of basil. Serve this cheese on your cheese tray or make a beautiful and tasty grilled cheese sandwich. We hope you enjoy this flavorful combination of basil and sun-dried tomatoes in our cheddar cheese. 

Farmhouse Cheddar with Caraway Seed

Caraway seeds add  subtle notes of citrus  and fennel to the farmhouse cheddar.  They also infuse a nutty, bittersweet sharpness to the cheese.  Added to quiche or other cheese dishes, the caraway cheddar offers an aromatic  pop of flavor and is a unique alternative to traditional cheeses.   Serve this cheese on your cheese tray or liven up a grilled cheese on rye.




Tuscan is a Swallow Ridge Farm original. Using ideas and ingredients from several diverse Italian and Spanish cheese recipes, our Tuscan is a blend of the best of Southern Europe.

Tuscan can be enjoyed as is, or drizzled with honey or fig jam. It is delicious paired with sun-dried tomatoes, olives or figs, as well as nuts like almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.  It grates nicely and melts well in hot pasta, as an ingredient in ravioli, or over pizza and flatbread.


Tuscan with Italian Herbs

Tuscan (see above)  with Italian herbs is another  Swallow Ridge Farm original.  Infused with the flavors of  rosemary, oregano, basil, marjoram and thyme, this herbal cheese enhances any Italian dish, melting beautifully over spaghetti or pizza.    Perfect for subs and paninis, hot or cold. It stands alone or pairs well with smoked or dried meat, as well as  figs, grapes, apricots, and dates.


Swallow Ridge raw milk Brie is made in the true French tradition for a  deliciously flavorful cheese.  All Brie imported from France is pasteurized to reduce the risk of spoilage resulting in a much milder-flavored product. The Brie made at Swallow Ridge Farm ages for 60 days and then comes directly to the consumer. Perfectly fresh, perfectly safe and above all, perfectly delicious.



Deliciously smooth, this Havarti is mild enough to please all palates.  It’s piquant flavors blend  perfectly with salads, enhance sandwiches, and  pair well with fresh, sweet fruits as well as meats like ham or prosciutto.  Havarti also makes a delicious fondue, a milder alternative to the bolder Swiss fondue.

Havarti originated in Denmark and is now very popular in Danish cuisine and has recently become a regular in American refrigerators.  It’s a perfect cheese for melting, grilling, or as a snack by itself or on Danish  (or any other ) rye bread.



Havarti with Dill

Havarti with dill has all the properties of a plain Havarti, but with a bolder, tangier flavor. It too is perfect for salads, sandwiches, and on it’s own.  Like Havarti, it is melts beautifully in casseroles, on toast or potatoes, and is easily experimented with for new combinations.

Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company

At Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company we produce small batches of artisanal cheese. We produce cheese with quality milk from small family farms here in New Hampshire.